Donate Your Car to Help Fund Colorado AMP

When you donate your car, you’ll receive a tax write off and the profits from the sale of the car will go back to our program.

How it Works


Complete our donation form today


Our team will get in touch to arrange the collection of your vehicle


We will collect your vehicle – you don’t even have to be there!


Once it has sold, we’ll send you a tax-deductible receipt


Your donation helps develop future musicians

Donate your car to help the Colorado AMP Program

“When we didn’t need our car any more it made more sense to donate it, rather than selling it. My wife sent me a link to the Donate Your Car program and I immediately thought it was the perfect solution.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I donate my car?

100% of the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle will go to Pre-teens and teens who are musically-minded or just musically-inclined, a not for profit organisation that prevent youth homelessness. It's a quick, easy and free way to get rid of an unwanted vehicle. Your vehicle donation is 100% tax deductible. We guarantee that you'll feel great about helping to prevent youth homelessness in Australia.

I owe money on my car, can I still donate it?

We cannot accept donated vehicles that still have finance owing. Please ensure your contract has been terminated prior to donating the vehicle.
In the event that a donated vehicle is found to have finance owing, you will be contacted by us to resolve.

What vehicles do we accept?

We accept cars, vans, motorbikes, caravans, trucks, buses, tractors, boats on trailers, and much more. Have a different vehicle? Contact us to find out if we can accept your donation. We are able to accept vehicles that have general wear and tear, however we're unable to accept anything with significant damage - i.e. smashed windows, major panel damage, mould, missing parts etc. We're able to accept cars that aren't running, as long as the battery/engine are both intact and nothing has been removed from the vehicle.

What are the benefits of donating your vehicle to Colorado AMP?

It’s easy, fun, free and secure! We convert the car into cash, which becomes a welcome donation to colorado AMP. Your gift qualifies for a tax deduction, and you avoid the cost and hassle of repairing or selling a car you no longer want.

Have more questions?

No problem, our friendly team can answer any other questions that you have. Call us on 303-862-6294 or email us at

Three Easy Steps

Donate your vehicle and get easy free towing.

Get a tax-deductible receipt for your donation.

Your car donation helps local children!

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