Our Facility

Colorado AMP is located at 8141 N. I-70 Frontage Road.​ We occupy a 6,000 square-foot space that has practice rooms, a music lab, a community room and a recording area and performance area.

Program Rooms

Our practice rooms are meant to allow participants the space they need to practice in both small groups of 1-3 or individually with teacher instruction. Each practice room is equipped with amplifiers and equipment to give students the tools they need to be successful. Rooms are also equipped with bluetooth speakers for students to maximize their learning potential and cameras for security.

Music Lab

The music lab is built for students groups of 8 to learn piano, guitar, bass and other electric instruments while under the supervision of a lead instructor. The room is equipped with brand-new state of the art keyboards and headsets. The lab is also built for classroom education so students can learn music theory, ear-training, composition, music history and more.

Recording Area

Our music recording area doubles as a recording studio. We have two isolated rooms built off from the control room where kids can record instruments and vocals. It is in these rooms that they will learn the ins and outs of sound recording and performance.

Community Room

When youth are part of our program, we feel it is absolutely critical that they form strong bonds of friendship in order to understand band dynamics. We use our community room to get to know each other, have snacks and involve each other in discussions about music and creativity. The Community Room is also an area of the building where we help focus on school studies when school is in session and where kids can relax before and after classes.

Performance Area

The warehouse portion of our non-profit is being converted into a space for bands and individuals to show off their talent. With a stage and seating, parents can come see performances showcasing the students and all of the skills they have learned from our classes and camps.

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